New Work - Residential Furnishings New Work - Residential Furnishings

Here I am finally getting around to taking some photos of recent work! This residence has been an on...

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12:48 PM

Hotel SP34, Copenhagen Hotel SP34, Copenhagen

A friend of mine and her family are travelling to Europe next week to visit Berlin and Copenhagen. S...

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6:23 PM

United Nations' North Delegates Lounge in New York United Nations' North Delegates Lounge in New York

This fantastic space is the North Delegates' Lounge at the United Nations building based in New ...

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12:46 AM

Modern Melbourne Home Modern Melbourne Home

Robson Rak Architects is fast becoming another Australian architecture firm that I am regularly admi...

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1:47 AM

Modernist Beach Home Modernist Beach Home

We have been having lovely, sunny and calm Wellington weather at the start of our winter season, so ...

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2:18 PM

Home Decor Ideas Home Decor Ideas

home decor is an important key to every home around the world . through this sort of thing , you no...

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10:08 PM